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PRM resource is no longer available

Please update your bookmarks to access the following alternate sources of information.

Support Reference Materials and Resources 

First time visitors, please take advantage of tutorial videos. 

Manuals Tile Image
Field Service Manuals
Instruction manuals for part replacement, CRU/FRU information, and critical callouts. Searchable by service tag, product ID or model.
Support Videos Tile Image
Support Videos
Instructional product videos for various types of repair and support activities.
BIOS Simulators Tile Image
BIOS Simulators
Knowledge Base article that lists all available simulators by product. Note: Requires access to Services Lightning (internal only)
Services Lightning Tile Image
Services Lightning
Support Knowledge Base, contains articles and other reference information for product support.
TurboTech Tile Image
Support tool that provides multiple resources for product support information and reference. Internal access only.
Solve Tile Image
Enterprise product reference tool, dynamically generated repair manuals based on responses to questions for each product.