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Achieve Full Deployment and Adoption of Microsoft 365

Transition to a modern workforce, improve your workers' experiences, innovate faster, and gain the skills needed to maximize productivity.

Free MS365 Training Offer

Get the most out of M365 with a free two-week trial of the Dell Learning Portal. 

Maximize Your Microsoft 365 Investment

A prescriptive and programmatic approach to maximize your investment while improving workforce productivity

Learn how to modernize your Microsoft 365 environment and boost productivity by getting more teams engaged remotely


Our Microsoft 365 education and training can help you maximize productivity and achieve desired business outcomes


Innovate Faster with Consulting Services for Microsoft 365

Workforce Persona Services

Deliver a personalized employee experience

  • Improve worker experiences and balance costs by moving ​to a persona-based operating model.
  • Improve worker experiences using the right technology for​ the way they work​
  • Align services to support the modern workplace and unique​ workstyles​
  • Simplify consumption of IT resources

Services for Microsoft 365

Migrate to Microsoft 365 with Confidence

  • Assess existing environment readiness for Microsoft 365
  • Develop modern worker experiences focused on increasing productivity
  • Migrate content and services with minimal business disruption and risk

Adoption and Change Management Services

Accelerate Adoption of Microsoft 365

  • Focus initiatives on human motivational, capacity and performance factors on an individual and organizational level
  • Facilitate a structured approach to establish governance, communication, education and feature adoption