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Valued Dell Technologies Partner,

Welcome to Dell Technologies Heroes, a program that enables partners to sell Dell Technologies solutions with momentum and efficacy. Thanks to a complement of exclusive events and actionable content, training opportunities and professional networking, Heroes like you can help your customers achieve their business objectives, while also meaningfully advancing your own.

Your Heroes technical development events are held everywhere across the countries, featuring Dell Technologies technical solution information, roadmaps, competitive positioning, and use cases. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from the our sponsors such as Intel, NVIDIA, VMware, AMD and Brocade. These are 100% partner focused with the Partner SE in mind -- consider it to be a Partner User Group community. These focused technical training events are intended to be complementary to Partner Academy and other training offerings from Dell Technologies. The Heroes community is even stronger, better connected, and more powerful than ever, thanks to the Heroes mobile app. The app connects Dell Technologies Heroes to one another, to Dell Technologies, and to our sponsors.  Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions about the Heroes Program or have any feedback, please contact us at




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Dell Poweredge Next Generation - Solution Oriented approach Dell Poweredge Next Generation Portfolio - Solution.
Dell Poweredge Next Generation - Velocity Oriented approach Dell Poweredge Next Generation Portfolio - Velocity
Dell PPDM Appliance Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance Overview
Dell DPS Cyber Recovery Update  Dell Cyber Recovery Update
Dell DPS Power Protect Data Manager Update Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Update
Dell CI HCI Portfolio Update Dell CI and HCI portfolio including latest news
Dell Connectrix Dell Connectrix Portfolio
Dell metro node Dell metronode Overview
Dell HighEnd Storage Dell HighEnd Storage Presentation
Dell PowerStore Technical Presentation Dell PowerStore Technical Overview
Dell Entry & Midrange Storage Update -Solution Oriented approach Dell Entry & Midrange Storage Update - Solution
Dell  Entry & Midrange Storage Update - Velocity  Oriented approach Dell Entry & Midrange Storage Update - velocity
Dell Unity HFA Offering FDell Unity Hybrid & Flash Array Technical Presentation
Dell Unity XT - Technical Deck Dell Unity XT Technical Presentation
Dell ECS & ObjectScale - Solution Oriented approach Dell ECS & ObjectScale overview - Solution
Dell UDS Portfolio Overview -Solution Approach Dell Unstructured Data Solutions Portfolio Overview -Solution 
Dell Cloud Smart Presentation -Solution Oriented approach Dell Cloud Smart Presentation -Solution 
Dell PowerScale Presentation-  Velocity Oriented approach Dell PowerScale Presentation-  Velocity 
Dell APEX Services Channel Overview Dell APEX Services Channel Overview
VMware Solutions deck VMware /Dell Solution Presentation
Intel 4th Gen Xeon Intel 4th Gen Xeon Presentation
NVIDIA Launchpad NVIDIA Launchpad Presentation
Tools - CloudIQ Artificial Intelligence for IT operations
Tools Overview Partner Tools Universe
Tools Live Optics Tools - LiveOptics Overview
Dell Services Cyber Resilience Dell Services Cyber Resilience Presentation
Dell Education Certifications Overview Dell Education & Certifications Overview
Dell Migration Services Dell Migration Services Overview 
Dell Networking Dell Networking Enterprise SONiC Overview
MidRange Storage Competitive Why Dell for Enterprise Mid-Range Storage
UDS PowerScale Update Product UDS PowerScale 9.5 Update

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