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Inspiration begins with knowledge.

Dell Technologies Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Program


2023 competition registration has closed

Are you a Dell Technologies certified Proven Professional? Had an interesting experience lately? Did you find a new solution to an old problem? Curious about the future of the IT industry?

Why not share your knowledge and potentially become a published author and thought leader?

Each year, the Knowledge Sharing program invites certified Proven Professionals to demonstrate their thought leadership by participating in a Knowledge Sharing competition. 

This year’s competition runs from November – February

Be sure to bookmark the Knowledge Sharing Library, home to over 600 articles, written by over 900 authors over the last 16 years.


2023 Knowledge Sharing Winners Announced

Click here to watch a recording of the 2023 Knowledge Sharing Awards Ceremony.

2023 Competition First Place Winner

Empowering Space Exploration with Datacenters


Parikshit Patil
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded 1st Place in the 2023 Knowledge Sharing Competition, Parikshit Patil shares how data center technology, implemented into space missions, will completely transform multiple aspects of space exploration and research.

Parikshit helps the reader understand how important space exploration is to lead a more comfortable life on Earth, not only in terms of basic requirements such as healthcare and natural disasters prevention, but also to enhance and propel our standard of living to a greater degree by means of technology and innovation. 

2023 Competition Second Place Winner

Beyond Cloud Optimization: FinOps to GreenOps

Sai Ganesh
Solutions Architect
Rackspace Technology

IT practices, such as Cloud FinOps and GreenOps, can help organizations save money, reduce their environmental impact, and operate more sustainably. As more organizations become aware of the importance of sustainability, the adoption of FinOps and sustainable IT practices will become increasingly essential for companies to remain competitive and responsible.

This article awarded 2nd Place in the 2023 Knowledge Sharing Competition; Sai details the best way to handle these considerations.

2023 Competition Third Place Winner

The Hidden World of Embedded Systems

Bruce Yellin
Retired Advisory Engineer

In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded 3rd Place in the 2023 Knowledge Sharing Competition, Bruce Yellin examines embedded systems and the miracle of the microchip. 

Bruce takes the reader through the digital world, where we are surrounded by embedded systems. He explores the enormous contributions they have made in society, and how these systems run nonstop with minimal human intervention and if done right, how these intelligent devices will improve our quality of life.

Best of Metaverse

Extending Reality into the Metaverse


Parikshit Patil
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded Best of Metaverse in the 2023 Knowledge Sharing Competition, Parikshit Patil shares how after decades of dreaming, imagining, and suggesting what a Metaverse could be like, it is finally within the reach of this generation.

Parikshit discusses how the Metaverse will play a significant role in technology. Helping the reader understand the flexibility and change offered is limited by nothing but one's imagination.

Best of Internet of Things


Internet of Underwater Things


Archana Vijayan
Customer eXperience Engineer
Dell Technologies

This article is an overview on how IoUT is making a positive impact in this data era. Archana shares how this ongoing concept has researchers looking for new ways to make this work even more successful. 

You will explore the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). As organizations are digitally transforming and data has become more essential than ever, digital solutions like IoT for terrestrial and aerial ecosystems and IoUT for the marine ecosystem, Big Data with intelligent Machine Learning algorithms along with Cloud-based infrastructure are incorporated for innovative and efficient transmissions. 

Best of Cyber Security


Can’t Judge a Book by its Recover

Faisal Choudry
GEOS: Senior Principal Engineering Technologist Dell Technologies

Shreyash Nalamwar
Staff Solution Architect Cloud Infrastructure Business Group

Padraig Devane
Advisor, Solutions Architect
Dell Technologies

In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded Best of Cyber Security in the 2023 Knowledge Sharing Competition, the authors demonstrate the different approaches needed to address a cyber-attack compared to a standard disaster event. Each solution will depend on a host of factors as discussed in this article. 

The authors investigate how these attacks have led to the direct involvement of governments and their agencies. In a number of these cases, new legislation has been created to help combat this threat and legislate how certain organizations operate and secure themselves.


2023 Publication Schedule

Title Category Author(s) Summary
A guide to protecting any data on any cloud Cloud Pablo Calvo
Services Provider
Dell Technologies
What if we could combine all the successful traditional data protection tools and practices and still maintain scalability, replication, protection and more?

This article discusses how we can adapt our data protection approach to new demands, transparently, and manage a copy of the data in a universal backup platform. It will detail how we can define a “cloud-aware” layer, for a more flexible solution that can be adapted to any cloud provider.
AutoML for Improved Customer Churn Prediction Artificial Intelligence Shriya Avasthi
Associate Sales Engineering Analyst
Dell Technologies


Dr. Partha Sarathi Mangipudi

Amity Centre for Artificial Intelligence (ACAI)
Amity University, Noida
Customer retention is often more valuable than customer acquisition.  The churn-rate of technical companies is historically high. Data analytics plays a critical role in predicting customer churn and understanding the latest trends and requirements for customers.

This article discusses how Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) can automate the workflow of processing these datasets, for improved results and positive business impact.
Digital Avatars - The Future's Face Emerging Technologies Anjali Jayanti
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

Sana Kulsum Rizvi
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

Akarsh Raj
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies
With digital avatars becoming a trendy way to represent oneself online, it may soon become the norm for Artificial Intelligence powered avatars to be used for a wide range of tasks.

This article dives into what digital avatars are, how they can be created using various technologies, what they might be used for, and other advantages. It also explores what the future may have in store for these human-like creatives as the metaverse continues to evolve.
Modernize Data Protection with Automation Automation Raghava Jainoje
Advisory Systems Engineer
Dell Technologies

Mike van der Steen
Principal Systems Engineer
Dell Technologies
Automation is a key component as organizations continue their digitization journey. It has the power to optimize and reduce effort spent on manual and repetitive tasks with automation tool sets.

This article details how automation can assist with data protection efforts by considering modern protocol supports, such as REST API.
Article Category Author(s) Summary
Bumpy Landing - DLTs in a Centralized World Edge Steve Todd
Fellow, P&O CTO
Dell Technologies

Frank Macha
Sr. Principal Engineering Technologist
Dell Technologies

While Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has enormous benefits for corporations and its impact has increased due to the changing landscape, bridging the gap from centralized IT processes to decentralized models may be difficult.

This article details a vison for implementing DLT across corporations for long-term business value and potential.
Cyber Resilient for Modern Data Center Virtualization Victor Wu
Senior Solution Expert, Business Consultation
BoardWare Information System Limited
Data backup and recovery solutions are critical for all mission-critical applications.  Planning and designing a cyber-resilient architecture ensures data availability while enabling a business to be more agile.

In this article, the author proposes a cyber resilient design solution with two core features – resilient infrastructure and resilient data recovery.
Cyber Security: What we have and What we need Cyber Security Ruthvik SJ
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

Urja Senani
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

Cybercrime becomes more and more prevalent as the world becomes for digital. Having solutions in place to combat different types of cyber attacks is critical to any business.

This article discusses types of cyber attacks and their impacts, why and how these attacks happen, what is available today to protect from them, and what next steps may be in order to provide better solutions.
Decarbonization: To Sustainable Data Centers Green IT Kartik Sumrani
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies
The need for powerful data centers is increasing exponentially.  This puts a huge strain on energy resources and may greatly impact our environment.

The author discusses in this article the importance of an effective data center decarbonization plan, and how sustainability leaders are working together to address all aspects of the carbon footprint.
Edge of Containerisation in Cloud Computing Cloud Ronit Mukherjee
Inside Product Specialist
Dell Technologies

Saipriya Swain

Allocating resources to hosts in a cloud-based environment poses some challenges.  Though virtualization offers many benefits, there can also be shortcomings, and containerization can help mitigate these issues.

This article dives into the benefits of implementing containers, what they are and a review of their features and  why the authors think containerization may have the upper edge.
Intelligent Process Automation - An AI Marvel Artificial Intelligence Prateek Bhat
Inside Product Specialist
Dell Technologies
Artificial Intelligence continues to adapt and offer us new ways of doing business. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) takes different technologies associated with AI and combines them to modify comprehensive end-to-end business processes.

This article details why automation is so critical to us as we move toward the future and how IPA plays a major role in increasing speed and efficiency into existing traditional systems.
Article Category Author(s) Summary
A Beginner's Guide to Data Literacy Data Science Sai Ganesh
Solutions Architect
Rackspace Technology
Data literacy and data modernization are becoming increasingly vital for organizations of all sizes and industries. As data and analytics strategies become essential for all aspects of digital business, it is essential for organizations to have a workforce that can understand, communicate, and work with data effectively.

In this article, the author discusses the trend towards cloud-native technologies, containers, Kubernetes, and edge computing, which are replacing traditional data infrastructure. This shift enables organizations to store, process, and analyze their data in new ways, and to better meet the demands of today's data-driven business environment
Augmented Reality - Digitizing Datacenter Artificial Intelligence Athira Anirudhan
Specialist 2, Inside Product
Dell Technologies

B. Ranjeeth
Specialist 2, Inside Product
Dell Technologies
Augmented Reality (AR) enhances our perception of the real world by overlaying digital information, such as images, videos, or 3D models, onto the user's view of the physical environment.

In this article, the author focuses on the use of augmented reality technology in data center management. The author describes the signifcant benefits of implementing AR technology, how to maximize those benefits and the challenges to be aware of.
CXL – Gamechanger for the Data Center Server Samriddhi Jaiswal
Customer eXperience Engineer
Dell Technologies
Compute Express Link (CXL) introduces a revolutionary architectural shift, bringing new possibilities to data center performance, efficiency, and cost. CXL is an open-source interconnect for memory to connect to processing in servers and storage.

In this article, the author discuss the various CXL specifications and how it enables heterogeneous computing. Also discussed is how CXL could potentially disrupt the data center industry.
Getting Started with the Open-Source Cloud Cloud Luis Cardenas
Senior Systems Engineer,
Solutions Architect
Dell Technologies

Kartikeya Chauhan
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies
Whle there are differences between public, private and hybrid cloud models, the foundation to them all is software. There are many software packages available, both commercial and open-source, to help an organization on their cloud journey.

In this article, the author provides a guide to deploying a private cloud based on the open-source projects from the OpenStack framework.
Redesign Endpoints Data Protection Strategies

Data Protection Mohamed Sohail
Advisory Consultant,
Data Center & Business Resiliency
Digital transformation is changing our lives, and cyber threats pose a significant risk to businesses of all sizes and industries. Cyber-attacks take many different forms and attackers may have a variety of motivations, techniques, and platforms. A good cyber recovery strategy takes all of these points into account. Endpoints include end-user devices, servers, mobile devices, IoT devices, and peripherals. Endpoint protection methodologies in the era of Ransomware attacks include real-time protection, backup, and air-gaping the data.

In this article, the author discusses the capabilities of Avamar Backup as a service for Endpoints. Also in included is a discussion on achieving business resiliency by integrating Avamar with Air Gap & Information security analytics.
The Crucial Relationship between IoT and ML Data Science Viraj Patel
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies

David Tilak
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies

Pranay Malik
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies
In this article, the author discusses the importance of machine learning (ML) in data science and enabling digital transformation in various industries. Machine learning is primarily used to evaluate data with AI's assistance, spot trends, and make judgments with less human interference. IoT devices linked to the internet that gather and share data are referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) devices. IoT has improved responsiveness and intelligence throughout the world, and machine learning is expanding quickly.

By analyzing vast amounts of data with powerful algorithms, machine learning can assist in demystifying the hidden patterns in IoT data. Businesses employ machine learning for IoT to conduct predictive functions on a variety of use cases, enabling the organization to obtain fresh insights and cutting-edge automation capabilities. IoT technologies that support healthcare facilities, in-house diagnostics labs, and disease prediction tools are now being used in the healthcare sector.
Article Category Author(s)
A Beginner's Handbook to DevOps DevOps Aashikha N
Harish Subramanian
Roshan Olaty
Business Continuity in Cloud Era Cloud Nizhamudeen Meeramoideen
Depression detection using Machine Learning Machine Learning Shruthi Krishnakumar
IT Strategy for a Technological World Edge Kalpesh Gupta
The Future of Cloud Security Cloud Nidhi Shree N
Zero Trust Framework Cyber Security Vishnu Ranya
Rajesh Goda
Blockchain Revolutionizing Currency Blockchain Janani Pokkuluri
Vagdevi Kaligotla
Cloud Computing and Industries Transformation Cloud Mina Essam
Shady Nagy
Datafication – A New Business Model Data Science Sneha Venkatesh
Importance Of Cloud Middleware Technologies Cloud Prateek Bhat
RPA Implementation: Small and Medium Business Artificial Intelligence Tejesh V
SCM for HANA- How it generates a negative TCO Storage Amal D Nair
Thejushree K
Richard Holmes
Business impact of Web3 on Enterprise Data Science Vaishnavi Adiyodi           
Charitha S
Muthukumaaran Sk
Chaos Engineering: A Journey into Resilience Infrastructure Resilience Afeefa Shaista
Mahesh GR
Cloud Repatriation: What, When, And Why? Cloud Anirudh Biju
Shruthi Krishnan
Hezil Pramod
HPC for Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms Server Rajasekhar Nannapaneni
IoB: Enhancing IoT with Behavioral Analytics Internet of Behavior Shruthi Sankar
Your Digital Twin needs Edge Computing Edge Pankaj Pande
January 2024
DNA: Future of Data Storage Storage Rekha Sivakumar
Sreejith S Pai
Adithyan Rajeev
GANs – The Future of Creative Forgery Artificial Intelligence Bharath Krishnan
Let your workload dictate the architecture Cloud Akshay  A G
Amal D Nair
Vinay Joel Dmonte
Proficient Storage for Blockchain 4.0 Blockchain Saiganesh Venkataraman
Sagar Sajeev
Shruthi Krishnan
The Cloud Age – What’s good in GCP and VCF Cloud Amal D Nair
Anirudh Sandur
Zero Trust-The Future of Multi-Cloud Security Security in Multi-Cloud Pavan Gowda.R
Swati Sinha
February 2024
AIaaS: The Future of Computing Services! Artificial Intelligence Harshitha BG
Ritesh Agarwal
Cloud: To Repatriate or To Re-Evaluate Cloud Saloni Varshney
Muskan Puri
Data On-Demand with Vcinity & Dell Storage Pratyush Panda
Anjali Jayanti
Gaining data insights for competitive edge Data Science Snigdha Deepala
Sarvesh Bode
Sustainable IT and Cloud Cloud vivek Choudhary
Rajalakshmi Iyer
March 2024
Dell and AWS for Improved Data Protection Cloud Krithika Jagannath
Timothy Jones
DNA - A Natural Realm for Data Storage Storage Parleen Oberoi
Keerthan S J
Fuzzy Classification Techniques in AI Artificial Intelligence Kartik Sumrani
Internet of Behavior (IoB) - An Overview Internet of Things Harish Subramanian
Web of Things approach for Smart Ports Microservices Jyothsna K
Kaveri Chockalingam