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Proven Professional Program Overview

We've leveraged the latest Dell and industry intelligence to build relevant certifications aligned to the rapidly changing IT landscape. Take full advantage of skill based certification offers, leading to new solution certifications.


Key Highlights

  • In February 2023, the Proven Professional Certification Program is launching a new certification framework that will include both skill and outcome-based solutions certifications

  • Net new certifications will also be released within the new certification framework

  • Legacy certification content will be migrated to the new framework throughout 2023

What's Happening?

As a leader in training and certification, we are proactively offering essential Education Services for modern IT organizations looking to drive better business performance and foster more productive teams. The new certifications are designed to help learners achieve success in reaching certification goals aligned to critical technologies that drive business outcomes.

Program Goals

  • Validate essential skills and knowledge required to achieve desired business outcomes

  • Maximize return on investment of Dell products, solutions, and services

  • Offer solutions certifications that include Dell and its partners like Microsoft, VMware, etc.

  • Increase capability through hands-on skills validation



Program Changes

  • Expanded from role-aligned to skill based certifications as the foundation for outcome based solution certifications

  • Simplified journey removes formal prerequisites and reduces class time, leading to faster certification achievement

  • A more streamlined approach to validate skill sets and maintain certifications 

  • Increased flexibility to build a customized portfolio of certifications based on individual needs

New Certifications

Our new certification framework launches in February. It includes the following Achievement, Skill and Solution Certifications. Additional certifications will become available throughout 2023.

Achievement Skill Certifications Solution Certifications
  • Security Foundations 2023 (available March 2023)
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2023
  • Data Protection Design 2023
  • PowerStore Deploy 2023
  • PowerStore Operate 2023
  • PowerScale Design 2023
  • Dell Unity Deploy 2023
  • Dell Unity Operate 2023
  • Metro Node Operate 2023
  • ECS Design 2023
  • Infrastructure Security 2023 (available March 2023)

New Certification Badges

The updated certification framework includes new badges for Achievement, Skill Certifications and Solution Certifications.

Proven Professional Logo

Solution Certification Badge

Skills Certification Badge

What do I need to know?

Available certifications in the new framework can be found below.

New skill and solutions certifications will be available this year covering topics like Multicloud, Security and Resiliency, and more.

Legacy certification content will be migrated to the new framework throughout 2023.

Be sure to check back periodically for new offerings.


Where do I start?

Select the technology, skill and subject you are interested in, and then follow the link to the learning path, which includes exam information. 

  • Data Protection
  • Security
  • Storage

Plan and architect technology solutions

Dell Data Protection Design 2023

Manage cybersecurity risk

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Implement and configure technology solutions

Dell PowerStore Deploy 2023

Dell Unity Deploy 2023

Plan and architect technology solutions

Dell ECS Design 2023

Dell PowerScale Design 2023

Administer and manage technology solutions

Dell Metro Node Operate 2023

Dell PowerStore Operate 2023

Dell Unity Operate 2023

Legacy Framework

Review legacy certification framework


View exam and certification history


Have a question? Contact Proven Professional

Need more information about the new Proven Professional framework? Check the Customer Datasheet or the FAQ's. Information about legacy certifications can be found here


If you still have questions, contact Proven Professional Support.


Partners can learn more about the new Proven Professional framework and the impact to the Partner Program by viewing the Partner Datasheet and Partner FAQ's