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Learn the key skills to access, navigate, configure, manage and troubleshoot servers in a modern data center environment.

By Technology / Solution

Servers Associate

Learn key features of Dell PowerEdge servers, focusing on:

  • RAID
  • iDRAC
  • Server roles
  • Server management
  • Security best practices

Servers Specialist

Validate your skills of PowerEdge server installation, configuration and management.

PowerEdge MX certification available now! 

Lay the foundation of the modern hybrid data center with PowerEdge servers.

PowerEdge Concepts and Products
Learn Industry-standard x86 and x64 server concepts, implementation, management, and maintenance.
PowerEdge Installation Management and Diagnostics
Learn to configure, manage, and troubleshoot the latest generation of PowerEdge Servers and associated technologies including iDR
PowerEdge MX
Learn to successfully install, configure, manage and troubleshoot the PowerEdge MX7000 platform and components.
PowerEdge M1000e, FX2, VRTX
Learn to install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot the M1000e, FX2, and VRTX modular servers.