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Implementation Engineer – VxRail  

Hyperconverged solutions simplify IT operations while reducing operational costs. A VxRail cluster allows businesses to start small when integrating into their datacenters and grown seamlessly. Individuals will use the certification to validate their knowledge to support implementation activities.

  • Associate Level
  • Specialist Level

Develop a comprehensive understanding of technologies, processes, and mechanisms required to build cloud infrastructure. This enables the participants to make informed decisions on building cloud infrastructure based on a cloud computing reference model and also prepares participants for advanced topics of cloud solutions. The course is aligned with Dell Technologies Proven Professional Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate (DCA-CIS) certification.

Associate – Cloud Infrastructure and Services Version 4.0 (DCA-CIS)

See below for steps to obtain this certification.

Step 1 - Complete one of the recommended trainings listed below.

Step 2 - Pass the exam below.

DEA-2TT4:   Description   |   Practice Test    |   Schedule Exam

Introduces to VxRail, hardware installation, pre-deployment tasks, environment validation, software implementation, post-deployment procedures, product scale-out options, REST API functionality, and common issues and troubleshooting of events.

Specialist – Implementation Engineer, VxRail Version 2.0 (DCS-IE)

See below for steps to obtain this certification 

Step 1 - Acquire prescribed Associate Level Certification


Step 2 - Complete one of the recommended training options listed below

Step 3 - Pass Exam

DES-6322:   Description   |   Practice Test   |  Schedule Exam



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