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We no longer support the IE11 browser. Thus, certain features may not perform as expected. We recommend that you select Chrome version 87.0 or higher, Firefox version 83.0 or higher, or Edge version 44 or higher.

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Technical Issues

What browser is recommended?

Outdated browsers may cause issues with the Education site. We recommend that you access using Chrome version 87.0 or higher, Firefox version 83.0 or higher, or Edge version 44 or higher.


What if I am already using a recommended browser version?

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies for all time, and close completely out of the browser before trying again.





What if my issue persists after trying this?

Please open a support case and make sure to provide FULL-SCREEN screenshots and a full description of the issue.

Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification

Dell Technologies Proven™ Professional is a leading education and certification program in the IT industry, providing comprehensive coverage of information storage technologies, virtualization, cloud computing, data science/big data analytics, and more. It offers a role-based series of courses and exams that cover the full range of Dell Technologies’ hardware, software, and solutions. Being Proven means investing in yourself and formally validating your knowledge, skills, and expertise by the industry’s most comprehensive learning and certification program. Join a community of dedicated professionals, share exclusive benefits, get Proven.


Top Questions Answered by the Dell Technologies Proven Professional Team


What is ebook?

Ebooks are student course materials in an electronic format that can be accessed from a PC, laptop, table or smartphone.

When do I receive my ebook?

Ebooks are available to you 3 business days prior to the start date of your class. Late registrations and walk-ins are handled by the instructor in class.

How do I access my ebook account?

If you have enrolled in a Dell Technologies Education Services course previously and have set up your ebook account, you can go directly to the ebook site by clicking HERE. Log in with the email you used to register for the training and the password you created for your account.

If you are a new user, click the link that was sent to you in the email with the subject line “Dell Technologies Education Services: Access Your eBook Student Materials for an Upcoming Course”. Follow the onscreen steps to create a password and then log into the ebook platform.

Can I download the files sent to me from the Dell Technologies Education Services ebook application?

Yes, you will see a download icon in the Dell Technologies Education Services ebook application viewer.

What types of viewers are available?

To learn more about available viewers click here.

Can I print the course materials from the Dell Technologies Education Services eBook Application?

Yes. Open the document in the ebook application viewer. Click the download icon and you will receive an email from Dell Technologies Education Services with a link to a zip file which you can then print. 

Can I access the ebook course materials on my mobile device?

Yes, mobile browsing is supported. You can download the Raven360 mobile app from the Apple Appstore for iOS and from the Google Appstore for Android.

iOS -

Android -

Where can I obtain more information about ebooks?

Please select here to access our ebook user guide.

Need something else?

Click here to contact us. Be sure to choose ebook support as the case subtype in your request.


Who can access EduTube?

EduTube is available for Internal, Partner, Customer, ExternalX and Guests.

What browsers is EduTube compatible with?

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and IE11.

What if I notice a lot of buffering while playing a video or stops every few seconds?

This issue will be majorly due to the network bandwidth:

·         Clear the browser cache and try again. Another option is to press pause after the video starts to play allowing the video to preload several minutes before you press Play again.

·         Go to “Settings -> Quality” available on player control bar, chose a lower bitrate and give a try.

What should I do if I get “Blocked by Content Security policy” for eduTube players in Firefox browser?

If you are a Firefox user and get below “Blocked by Content Security policy” for eduTube players to load, then follow the below steps:


·         Open Firefox browser

·         Type and open about:config 

·         Click on “Accept the Risk and Continue”

·         Enter “network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris”  in Search preference name box 

·         Click on edit

·         Enter the value “”

·         Click on Right tick mark 

·         Close the browser and access the desired player again.

What should I do if I get “An error has occurred” message for the video?

Please send an email to for support with:

·         Video deeplink (url)

·         Video name

·         Steps to replicate the issue (if any)

Can I view a video on my mobile device?

Yes, you can view the videos on your device. However, the video cannot be downloaded to your device.

Can I play a video after a long pause?

Resuming a video after a specified period of time will expire the token and the video will not playback. Do a page refresh or close the browser and start a new session.

How do I share content with other users?

Click on the share icon in 'Now Playing Page' to share videos with others via email.

How can I reach out to EduTube support for any help?

An incident can be created by clicking this link -; Also an email can be sent to mailbox.

Where do I obtain help for EduTube?

You can check out the user guides and help videos available for any help or information on EduTube.