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What is Knowledge Sharing?

Knowledge Sharing is an annual competition in which Proven Professionals are invited to share their expertise, unique deployments, best practices, or any relevant topic of interest. Entry requirements are simple; be Dell EMC Proven Professional Certified and submission cannot have been published previously in its entirety. This competition has long been a fun way for our audience to engage and share thought leadership. The Knowledge Sharing Library hosts 500+ submissions over the past 12 years and have reached just over 2 million downloads. The reach of your knowledge is limitless!


How does the Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Competition work?

Each year the competition is announced in the Dell EMC Proven Professional community; typically, in early October. The announcement post will direct you to a short form allowing us to share with you the current program details and deadlines.

There are 2 phases to the competition:

Phase One – authors submit a short abstract (3-6 paragraphs) of what they intend to share in their final article submission.

Phase Two - selected authors are invited to write their full article (less than 45 pages for written and less than 8 minutes for video).

Both phase one and two submissions are judged using a blind-judging process. This process removes all identifying details of the author from the submission before it is judged by a panel of our subject matter experts.


How are winners announced?

Finalists are notified of their status, but not their placement, and extended a complimentary admission to Dell Technologies World. Official announcement of the finalists and their placement is made at the Proven Professional Celebration held during Dell Technologies World each year. This is a prestigious event hosted by our senior management and allows us to congratulate you - the authors - on a personal note. All authors learn their publication status in late April.


I'm not Dell, VCE or Dell EMC Proven Professional. Can I still participate?

Certification is a requirement for participation. If you're not yet Dell, VCE or Dell EMC Proven Professional certified, this is a great opportunity to become certified! Check out the details of our program here.


Where can I find the competition rules?

The competition rules can be found here.


How many co-authors can I have?

Competition rules allow for a total of 4 authors. The lead author must be Dell EMC Proven Professional certified and provide 50% of the submission content.


Do all authors have to be Dell EMC Proven Professional certified?

No, only the lead author must be certified.


Are there any guidelines regarding the submission?

Yes, you can find article submission guidelines and helpful hints here.


How can I see the published articles?

A link to the Book of Abstracts for the first 10 years of the competition can be found here


Still have questions?

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