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Foundation Level Training

Early in career and new to selling Dell Technologies, learn the fundamentals on our products and solutions and how to get the best from your partnership.

  • Dell - Who we are
  • Dell - Our Products and Solutions
  • Dell - Our Partner Program

Get to know Dell Technologies as a company, what we do and how we win!

Dell – Who we are

Dell – What we do

Dell – Code of Conduct


Take the course: Telling our ESG/Social Impact story to learn what Dell Technologies is doing to address many of the global challenges facing our customers, partners and humanity. This course has closed captions and language selection is available at registration time.


Learn more about Dell's commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Learn about our products and solutions at your own pace. You can pick and choose any course you want to explore as none of them are compulsory.


Step 1 - Fundamentals

Select this curriculum to learn about computer basics:

  • Computer Fundamentals 

Step 2 - Products and Solutions Strategy and Portfolio

Select this curriculum to learn about Dell Portfolio :

  • Client Solutions Strategy and Portfolio Overview
  • Endpoint Security Strategy and Portfolio Overview
  • APEX & Multicloud Strategy and Portfolio Overview
  • Storage Strategy and Portfolio Overview - Why Dell Tech for Storage
  • PowerEdge Strategy and Portfolio Overview
  • Networking Strategy and Portfolio Overview
  • Edge Strategy and Portfolio Overview
  • APEX PC as a Service Sales overview
  • Why Dell EMC for Data Protection

Step 3 - Product Lines and Solutions Overviews

Select one of these curriculums to learn more about:

Client Solutions Group (CSG)

  • Client Peripherals Product Lines Overview
  • Dell Displays Product Line Overview
  • Inspiron Product Line Overview
  • Latitude Product Line Overview
  • Latitude Rugged Product Line Overview
  • OptiPlex Product Line Overview
  • Precision Product Line Overview
  • Vostro Product Line Overview
  • XPS Product Line Overview

Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG)

  • CloudIQ Overview
  • Data Center Networking Product Line Overview
  • Dell EMC Data Storage Essentials Overview
  • HCI & CI Strategy
  • Networking Conversations Made Easy
  • PowerEdge Portfolio Overview
  • Sell PowerEdge and VMware Together


  • APEX Console Sales Overview
  • APEX Financial Selling Introduction 
  • APEX: Introduction to Outcome-based Selling


  • OEM Solutions: The Value of Design
  • Unlocking OEM Opportunities
  • OEM Buying Cycle


Get to know the Dell Technologies Partner Program and the tools to help you get the best from our Partnership.