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Learn how to address your customers' pain points with financing

DFS Leasing and Financing Overview for Partners This course provides an overview of why customers finance their technology purchases, the benefits of financing with DFS, and how you can uncover financing opportunities in your accounts.
DFS Leasing 101:  Fundamentals for Partners This course provides a basic understanding of how a lease works, key terminology, the differences between a lease and loan and the main partner benefits
DFS Payment Solutions Overview: APEX Flex on Demand for Partners This course discusses the Flex on Demand model, how it works, key program features and how Dell Technologies is best positioned to win against the competition.
Delivering the DFS Value Proposition: APEX on Demand for Partners This course highlights the current industry trends for consumption-based payments, customer use cases, approaches to presenting the value of an APEX Flex on Demand solution, and a simple value statement template which prepares sellers for APEX Custom conversations. Additionally, it provides access to APEX and APEX Custom resources.