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Demo Enablement Center

PowerStore Demo Enablement Center


Drive Sales of PowerStore with successful technical demonstrations of its key features and functions. Leverage the resources below to help you be successful with your customers.

Here are the suggested steps to successfully demo the PowerStore product.

  • Product
  • Demos
  • Additional Resources

Step 1

Get familiar with the product

Leverage these videos, whitepapers and training modules to get familiar with the product's features and functions

Step 2

Get familiar with the available demos

Leverage these interactive demos to understand how to demo these features

Interactive Demos

Leverage these interactive demos to understand how to demo these features

If you are not familiar with the Interactive Demos, review Leveraging Interactive Demos to see the many ways you can use these assets.

ITD-0515 PowerStore T – Provisioning, Clustering, and Data Migration

ITD-0533 PowerStore X – VMware Integration

ITD-0713 PowerStore X with SmartFabric Services


Hands-On Labs

Leverage these Hands-On Labs that are hosted in  Once you have accessed the Demo Center, search PowerStore to access the Hands on Labs.  If you don't have access to DemoCenter, reach out to your Dell Technologies contact for assistance.

To learn more about the Demo Center capabilities click here

HOL-0515-01 PowerStore T –Administration and Management​

HOL-0515-02 PowerStore T -  Data Protection​

HOL-0541-01 PowerStore T AutoPod​


Step 3

Get familiar with additional resources

Leverage these additional resources to assist you in your sales campaigns

Watch Kyle Leciejewski deliver the PowerStore 3x3 Summary in 3 Minutes or Less sales Pitch.

Leverage the PowerStore 3x3 Summary in 3 minutes or Less slides.

See what the Customer Solution Centers can offer here

Refer to the PowerStore Front End Discount presentation to understand how to take advantage of the incentives.

Use the PowerStore Acceleration Pack to navigate all the sales, marketing, and enablement materials to drive your success in the market.

Use the PowerStore Quick Selling Guide to understand the key benefits and features to position with your customers.

Leverage the Partner Demand Generation Center on the Partner Portal for assets to leverage in your sales campaigns.

For even more assets, you can leverage the Knowledge Center for Dell EMC PowerStore.


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