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Customer Training Offers

Strategic Business Value of Education Training our customers matters!

Every $10,000 in today’s training investment can bring additional $100,000 in future products and services sales.

Trained customers are your best customers. They champion your sales proposals and rely less on customer support. Trained customers can grow your business with twice the speed when compared with untrained customers.

94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn. The cost of replacing an employee can reach as high as 60% of their annual salary while the average spend to train an employee is around $2,500 on an annual basis.

Popular Customer Training Sales Resources

Dell Learning Catalog
Training offerings designed to accelerate your technical and professional learning experience.
Special Offer
Enhance the value of your customers' IT investments with these special offers on training.
Workforce Transformation
Special offers for Microsoft Teams training, On-demand courses for Windows, Office 365
Knowledge and Skills Analysis
This tool provides insights and recommendations that help your company move ahead