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Training and Certification Support


What can we help you with?

We recognize that you are on the Dell network.

We recognize that you are a TechDirect / DSP learner. Please use the actions below to find support.

Please sign in to view support information. 

Update my Partner Portal account

For assistance with your Partner Portal Account, please contact support through the Partner Portal.

I have moved to a different company

Partner User accounts are created in the Partner Portal by their company's Account Administrators. The Account Administrators at your company will need to create a new account for your new email address in the Partner Portal.

If you do not know who your Account Administrators are, please contact support through the Partner Portal for assistance. Once your new account is created, you can have it merged with your old account to maintain your training history. Please contact Education Services and specify which email address needs to be merged into which.

Students will need to self-update their CertTracker account email address by following the steps below.

  • Sign into CertTracker 
  • Click on the Demographics menu option.
  • In the Relation to Dell Technologies field, select PARTNER.
  • In the Work email/Dell Technologies Account ID field, enter your work e-mail address associated to your profile in Program Tracker.
  • If you have questions about what e-mail address to use, contact your Partner Administrator or use the Contact Us option within Program Tracker.
  • If you make any changes in the Demographics page, you MUST scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Update/Confirm to save your changes!

Personal email accounts

Gmail, yahoo, hotmail

Email service provider domains should only be used when your company does not have its own business email domain, or when you require an additional account for an alternate selling channel and have no suitable additional email addresses in your business email domains.

Group email accounts 

You cannot use a group or role-based email address for training purposes. Transcripts, certifications, and accreditations are tied to individual users, so students are required to use their personalized business email addresses. Existing accounts cannot be repurposed for new users.

Need assistance with non-training issues?